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Natural Water Hyacinth Rectangle Baskets in 3 sizes… Small, Medium & Large
A very versatile set of baskets. Great for shopping, storage, magazines, interior decor and merchandising.

A HUGE seller!

Large: 47x22xH27cm
Medium: 44x18xH25cm
Small: 41x15xH23cm

Chemical free water hyacinth basket

With the thought of promoting the importance of using eco-friendly products, Import products has been established as the most trusted dealer of hand-made bags and baskets in Australia. We have been tied up with some creative designers and suppliers who are vigorously involved in developing new styles, colors and designs to match the preferences of the end customers. Products like water hyacinth basket has been made with high care and concern towards contributing to a greener tomorrow, as such it contains no elements of harmful chemicals or toxic material in its production. They are especially hand-crafted at village level in Northern Vietnam, thereby also enabling them to be involved in employment terms with us. This initiative was also begun to allow income generation in the rural areas, where employment opportunities are minimal.

Durable and biodynamic water hyacinth basket

The water hyacinth basket is made from the fastest growing plant known as water hyacinth that reproduces by the way of runners, eventually forming daughter plants. These plants are capable of producing thousands of seeds which can remain viable for over 28 years. Harvesting these plants is known to be highly beneficial for industrial use, while they also enable environmental control. The water hyacinth basket being an incredible outcome of the usage of biodegradable material and creative hand crafting techniques, has gained immense popularity in the recent past. They are flattened to facilitate easy shipping and bringing them back to the desired shape is as easy as soaking them in water and drying them naturally.


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